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Speakers to Watch Out for in Cardano Summit 2022

Cardano Summit is a gathering of the Cardano community to learn, educate and celebrate the positive impact of Cardano on the world
Nov 9, 202210 min read107 views

Cardano Summit is a global event for anyone interested in blockchain technology and the Cardano ecosystem. It is led by the Cardano foundation, which helps ensure the positive advancement of the Cardano protocol and blockchain technology.

Cardano Summit is a gathering of the Cardano community to learn, educate and celebrate the positive impact of Cardano on the world. Community leaders are elected as speakers to impart their learning while building on Cardano and sharing their vision for the future.

The Cardano Summit 2022 will happen on November 19th – 21st, 2022, in Lausanne, Switzerland. You can attend the event virtually or at multiple community-led events in different cities worldwide. Find more details about the event here.

We have created a list of speakers and talks that you should not miss out on, in the order of their talks:

Jeremy Firster - Cardano Foundation

Jeremy is the Head of Partnership and Executive officer of the Cardano Foundation. He had joined Cardano Foundation as a Project Manager. His primary area of expertise is corporate banking, where he has executed numerous project and structured financing deals for significant Asian firms. The bank Jeremy worked for at the time (now KGI Bank) was the first in Taiwan to open a bank account for a cryptocurrency trading business back in 2012.

Jeremy earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and a minor in economics from Indiana State University. He speaks conversational Mandarin and has a Master’s in Business Administration from Shih Chien University in Taiwan. He is based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Vineeth Bhuvanagiri – EMURGO Fintech

Vineeth is the MD of EMURGO Fintech. He is a veteran entrepreneur with a deep knowledge of blockchain technology and the inner workings of financial services infrastructure. Before heading Fintech at EMURGO, he co-founded Flume Health - a healthcare payments company that has raised over $40 million and has 45 employees globally. He was an early employee at Paxos, where he built their OTC infrastructure and architected their Bankchain clearing and settlement platform. He is also a cryptocurrency mining SME who has overseen the buildout of various mining farms. He currently leads the fintech team at EMURGO that manages Yoroi wallets, EMURGO staking operations, and other Fintech products.

The agenda for his talk is on Stablecoins and how they can serve as a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi). It would be interesting to see Vineeth explain how stablecoins can enable RealFi on Cardano and the future of fintech.

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Sebastian Zilliacus – EMURGO Media

Sebastian is the Managing Director of Emurgo Media. He has a mixed academic and professional background, from coding to strategic marketing and accounting. He has spent his career with startups, driving ideas to execution as a project manager, product manager, VP/SVP and COO - eventually listing the companies across geographies such as Singapore, Bahrain and Sweden.

Sebastian heads EMURGO Media which aims to be a social media platform built by and for the Cardano community. He will speak about how community-led growth can change the market for newly developed products, and the value Web3 provides to users.

Jarek – Axo

Jarek Hirniak is the founder and CEO of Generation Lambda, the team working on a next-generation trading platform – the Axo Protocol.

Jarek is a certified quant with software development expertise, including ground-breaking work on concurrency at Microsoft Research. He was a former team leader, developer, and quant for traditional financial behemoths, including Citadel Securities and UBS. From the University of Edinburgh, he earned a Master’s degree in computer science focused on concurrent and distributed systems, functional programming, and formal methods.

He is the Founder and Protocol Architect at Axo, the next-generation trading platform; he brings expertise in building world-class trading systems. The Axo protocol architecture is highly regarded and considered a game-changer for Cardano. Jarek has been vocal about the challenges of building DeFi on Cardano. It would be interesting to see him share his experience.

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Bullish Dumpling – Content Creator

Bullish Dumpling is a female content developer and community builder for Cardano. She is creating content in English & Chinese and establishing a Cardano connection with China.

She has received funding to start and maintain a Chinese Info Hub. This hub aims to expand the Cardano community’s Chinese-speaking population by offering Chinese speakers educational materials on Cardano.

Social networks are essential to maintain the decentralization of a blockchain. Community members like Stake Pool Operators must maintain their community presence and build a strong brand. Many community members can learn from her insights on how to build a brand in Web3.

Check out Bullish Dumpling’s Twitter.

Josh Jones - Cornucopias

Josh Jones is the co-founder and CEO of Cornucopias ‘the Island’. Josh has a history in the food & beverage and music industries. This helped him learn how to build customer experience, marketing and people relations.

He is building Cornucopias, a Play to Earn, Built to Earn, Learn to Earn blockchain-based game built on Cardano. Cornucopias is one of the leading Metaverse experiments on the Cardano blockchain. Cornucopias is one of the top NFT collections in the cNFT space, and are currently working to develop a metaverse.

Visit Cornucopias to learn more.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen – COTI

Shahaf Bar-Geffen is the founder and CEO of a blockchain-based payments network, COTI. He is the co-founder and former CEO of the renowned international digital marketing company WEB3. Bar-Geffen has a strong history in technology; in 2016, he sold the Mccan Erickson Group, a media company named Web3 (IPG).

His interest in cryptocurrency began in 2015 and intensified after he formed COTI in 2018. Since then, COTI has emerged as a significant player in the crypto industry. COTI is the Issuer of Djed, an algorithmic stablecoin. Bar-Geffen will share updates regarding Djed and its impact on the Cardano ecosystem.

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Charles Hoskinson - IOG

Charles Hoskinson serves as CEO of IOHK, now known as IOG (Input Output Global). IOG is a multinational engineering and technology firm that offers financial services to those without access to traditional banking using cutting-edge peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. IOG is most well-known as the protocol developer for Cardano.

Before transitioning into cryptography through corporate exposure, Hoskinson studied analytic number theory at the Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado Boulder. He has held various posts in the public and private sectors. He served as the Ethereum. Network’s CEO from 2013 to 2014 and was a director of the Bitcoin Education Project in 2013.

Charles will be presenting the closing note and is expected to make a major announcement at the Summit, and we are here for it!

Check out the Cardano Summit website for an overview of all upcoming events. Our team will be at the Cardano Summit, and we will bring you  live updates from Lausanne. Follow our Twitter account to make sure you won’t miss it!