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Project Catalyst Fund 11 Voting: Cardano Pulse

A pioneering effort to bring comprehensive sentiment and behavior data about the Cardano ecosystem
Feb 4, 20242 min read186 views

In a groundbreaking continuation of their commitment to bring research-based sentiment and behavior data about the Cardano ecosystem to the public, Thesis & Dysmorphia founders, Matea and Marina introduce "Cardano Pulse".

This initiative builds on their previous research, First Thesis: on Cardano NFT space, which was published in October 2023, spanning 14 months and including 60+ surveys with over 3.5k answers focused on various aspects of the Cardano NFT space.

The previous research delved into case studies of their own project, 46 other projects, founders, moderators, and a large survey for the general public. For the first time, basic demographic data, sentiment, behavior, and reasoning for being in the NFT space were explored in a comprehensive manner. The research was also publicly discussed in Charles Hoskinson interview with Thesis & Dysmorphia founder and main reashearcher Matea Sedlaček, PhD.

Cardano Pulse: A Deeper Dive into the Ecosystem

Cardano Pulse is the future product, which will be developed depending on the success of their proposal in Catalyst Fund 11.

The main goal of Cardano Pulse is to extend this research with a broader outlook, encompassing the entire Cardano ecosystem. The survey, comprising up to 100 questions, will explore sentiments and behaviors related to DeFi projects, major Cardano topics and entities, wallets, platforms, marketplaces, memecoins, and NFTs. With a target of minimum 1000 responses, the results will be openly available on the Fork It platform.

What Cardano Pulse Brings to the Community

Cardano Pulse holds immense potential to contribute to the growth and development of the Cardano ecosystem:

  • Share opinions and insights backed by research for the first time.
  • Engage in informed and fruitful discussions.
  • Understand differences between locations, age groups, and gender in their reasoning about the space.
  • Gain insights into where people get their information and what/who they value.
  • Cardano entities can refine strategies based on real-time insights.
  • Researchers can leverage the platform for comprehensive and up-to-date information on the Cardano community.
  • Media outlets and influencers can access survey results to create timely and relevant content, contributing to a more informed and transparent Cardano ecosystem

Vote for Cardano Pulse

Cardano Pulse is a testament to the power of community collaboration. Your vote on this proposal can help bring about publicly funded research that adds immense value to the Cardano ecosystem.

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