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NFTs 2.0 and Web3 Gaming: Jungle Wars

Jungle wars is an innovative fully on-chain game on Milkomeda sidechain
Jan 11, 20234 min read187 views


Paima Studios' Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble is a casual PVP on-chain game built on the Cardano sidechain Milkomeda C1. It's a proof-of-concept game to showcase the potential of trustless on-chain gaming.

The PVP game combines casual gameplay with psychological elements and integrates blockchain technology to offer players a decentralized, trustworthy, and engaging experience.

The vision of Paima Studios

They see a fundamental need for improvement in how blockchain is currently utilized in games. They refer to current crypto games as "Web2.5" and are striving to develop true trustless "Web3" games that address the many challenges in the blockchain gaming space. Stateful NFTs and Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble represent the first step towards this objective.

In the first quarter of 2023, they plan to introduce a new technology called Paima Whirlpool, allowing users on the Cardano Mainnet to play Jungle Wars using their Cardano wallets. In the future, Paima Whirlpool aims to develop further to enable integration with other blockchain networks, such as Algorand, Ethereum, and more.

What’s Milkomeda?

Milkomeda delivers roll-up technology to blockchains like Cardano, Algorand, and Solana. It provides an easy-to-use experience for interoperability between different chains while improving inter-blockchain compatibility, user experience, and developer adoption, all at the Layer 2 level.

The Milkomeda team has developed an EVM sidechain for Cardano, which let’s Ethereum-based Dapps connect with Cardano. These sidechains allow for easy movement of projects between different chains, using a token called milkADA, a wrapped version of ADA, as the primary currency.

What is Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble?

Paima Studios has designed and built a novel decentralized web3 gaming backend called Paima Engine, the underlying tech behind Jungle Wars.

It allows a unique gameplay experience where every player's moves are recorded and can be replayed from blockchain data. Additionally, Jungle Wars presents a new gaming feature called Stateful NFTs, which allows players' progress and stats to be incorporated into an NFT that evolves as they play the game. This can allow for more complex characters and gameplay to be developed like Web2 gaming.

The NFTs focus on being inclusive through an open edition with infinite supply, so you can always mint a fresh NFT at 10 Ada. However, the market price might vary based on characters and in-game experience.

The game immerses players in a thrilling battle for survival in a wild jungle. Players must apply strategy and proficiency to outsmart their opponents and take them out using slingshots while also trying to evade being hit themselves. The player who eliminates their opponent’s lives emerges as the winner.

The game delves into the origins of the Jungle Wars and the animals involved, including the pivotal plane crash that brought the technology of slingshots to the jungle and the subsequent escalation of tensions among the animals.

The Volcaneers: Stateful NFTs


The game introduces the concept of Stateful NFTs. Volcaneers are special NFTs that can be used in Jungle Wars; they use blockchain technology to record wins, losses, and draws on the NFT, allowing players to have an unchanging and permanent performance record. This feature allows players to have their NFTs ranked directly on the Jungle Wars leaderboard.

This new type of NFT introduces a new realm where the value of the NFT will increase based on the achievements, statistics, and other in-game accomplishments that the NFT obtains. Volcaneers represent the initial step toward the emerging world of Stateful NFTs.

How to Play?

Here is a step-by-step guide by Paima Studios:How to Play Jungle Wars.

Currently. you can interact only through Ethereum-based wallets on Milkomeda. In a future update, the smart contracts will be wrapped into Cardano, allowing you to interact seamlessly with a Cardano-based wallet.

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