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Minswap V2: A Look at the Upgrade

Redesigned with users in mind
Nov 4, 20235 min read718 views


Minswap, the Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that redefines the landscape of token trading on Cardano. At its core, it champions the ethos of permissionless trading, empowering users to effortlessly swap token pairs while contributing to a fee pool that directly benefits Liquidity Providers (LPs). The hallmark of Minswap lies in its commitment to decentralization, inviting anyone to become a Liquidity Provider and share in the decentralized profits.

Minswap stands as a testament to community-centric values, with $MIN tokens distributed fairly and equitably, devoid of any private or VC investment. Within the ecosystem, Minswap has been a pioneer in introducing concepts like the FISO model, which is celebrated as the fairest ISO model in the Cardano community. Additionally, Minswap's dedication to Protocol Owned Liquidity adds another layer of sophistication to its ecosystem.

Cardano's journey in decentralized finance is evolving, and Minswap V2 is part of that transformation. Here's a rundown of what the latest version brings to the table:

1. Swift. Smooth. Superior.


Minswap V2 doesn't just tweak a few elements; it's a ground-up redesign. The platform has a sleek new design and loads of cool features. The interface is smoother, the trading experience is enhanced, and a suite of new features seamlessly integrates. It's a Minswap, you know, but on a whole new level, bringing a breath of fresh air to decentralized exchanges.

2. Redefined Speed: Trade Faster, 5X Faster.

The standout feature of Minswap V2 is its speed. Trading occurs at speeds up to 5 times faster, facilitated by the integration of Aiken and Plutus V2. The emphasis on security is evident with double security audits, ensuring users experience not only speed but also reliability.

3. Auto Routing for Advanced Trades

Minswap's Auto Routing introduces a Smart Order Routing Algorithm. This algorithm actively seeks the best prices across multiple pools in real time. The result? Optimized trade execution, making the process efficient and rewarding for users.

4. Advanced Order Types: Control and Efficiency

Minswap V2 offers users various order types, offering more control over their trades. From standard limit orders to 'Zap Outs,' users can execute multiple orders at once, even setting conditions for optimal outcomes, using smart contracts for 'Take Profit,' 'Stop Loss,' and 'OCO.' The focus is on reducing fees and enhancing the overall trading experience.

5. MinWallet: Simplicity Meets Efficiency


Minwallet V2 enhances the user experience with single-token transactions, transaction previews, and the ability to manage multiple wallets. The goal is to give users unprecedented clarity and control over their transactions.

6. Minswap Pro: Tailored for Advanced Users

For seasoned users, Minswap Pro is the go-to interface. With an enhanced user interface, deeper analytics, lower trading fees, and additional pro-level features, Minswap Pro caters to those seeking a more advanced and nuanced trading experience.

7. New Features

Minswap V2 brings forth loads of features like:

Dynamic fees, in particular, adapt to market conditions, ensuring a fair playing field for all investors. In cryptocurrency, there are adjustable transaction fees that change based on factors like network activity and user preferences. They provide flexibility, allowing users to prioritize transactions based on urgency or cost preferences. This feature is crucial during periods of high demand, ensuring efficient transaction processing and resource allocation on the network.

There's Stableswap. It's a feature that helps maintain stability in trading, especially when dealing with stablecoins (cryptos with a fixed value). Imagine it as a safety net for your transactions. Stableswap makes sure that the prices stay steady even during a flurry of trades, preventing sudden ups and downs that can catch traders off guard.

Advanced staking offers extra benefits over and above the benefits of staking, such as getting more rewards based on how long you lock up your crypto or having a say in important decisions about the network.

Partial fill, only a portion of your trade is executed initially, giving you flexibility in managing your investments. It's a way to adapt to market conditions and control your trades in smaller, manageable steps.

Additionally, Minswap V2 also features Launchbowl V2 and various other features to enhance the overall user experience.

8. Personalizing the Experience with Profiles

Claim your identity in the Minswap universe with profiles. Users can personalize their experience by adding a Minswap username, customizing their profiles, and tracking investment performance. Minswap understands that users are not just traders; they are integral parts of the Minswap community.

9. What's on the Horizon?

Minswap V2 is not just an upgrade; it's a promise of continuous improvement. Stay in the loop by following Minswap on X and joining their Discord community to catch every update and innovation. Sign up for the closed beta to experience the innovation!

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great work Minswap! look for to seeing how it all works!