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Machiavellic Games: Standby For Boarding

Machiavellic Play & Earn Games Dev Update
Feb 1, 20247 min read242 views

As the journey aboard the Machiavellic progresses, the passengers find themselves navigating a complex web of alliances, power struggles, and technological advancements. The cryogenic cabins, intended to bridge the time to their destination, become both a sanctuary and a prison as the discomfort and claustrophobia set in. Amidst the discomfort, Mainnet, the all-knowing AI, works tirelessly to prepare the passengers for the challenges awaiting them on Planet Ozzar.


Mainnet’s groundbreaking discovery of connecting to human neurons offers both promise and pain. While it provides the means to train a formidable invasion force, the process proves arduous and agonizing for those undergoing it. Yet, with the hope that the procedure will become more tolerable over time, passengers endure, trusting in Mainnet’s guidance and the vision of the Pure Patriot faction.


In the midst of this turmoil, Mainnet unveils another innovation — a device capable of extracting MACH, the essence of suffering, remotely from nearby creatures. This discovery proves invaluable as it offers a means to alleviate the passengers’ suffering while simultaneously generating a vital resource for the journey ahead. The Pushers and Movers seize upon this opportunity, instituting a reward system to manage the distribution of MACH among the community, ensuring each passenger receives their “fair” share.


Meanwhile, rumors swirl of bribery and inequality within the ranks, casting doubt on the fairness of the distribution process. Yet, amidst the uncertainty, the passengers cling to the hope of glory and wealth awaiting them on Ozzar, pushing through the challenges and hardships of their journey.

As the Machiavellic hurtles through the abyss of space, the cryogenic halls stand as a testament to both ingenuity and corruption. The immense cylindrical array of cryogenic cabins, divided into different classes, offers a semblance of order amidst the chaos of the journey. Yet, within this structured framework lies a web of deceit and manipulation orchestrated by the Pushers and Movers, their influence seeping into every facet of life aboard the

Under the guise of efficiency and optimization, the Pushers and Movers have devised a plan to monopolize power and resources within the cryogenic halls. By diverting energy lines around strategically placed plots, they ensure that cabins situated within these plots receive a significant boost in power, making them highly coveted among the passengers. Rumors abound of clandestine deals and backroom agreements, with whispers of certain members benefiting more than others.

The other factions recoil in horror at this brazen display of treachery, their attempts to dismantle the plots met with resistance from the Pure Patriots, who stand steadfast in their support of the Pushers and Movers’ scheme. Assurances of fair distribution fall on deaf ears as suspicions of favoritism and corruption run rampant among the populace.


These plots, ranging in size from 2x2 to massive 5x5 configurations, become the focal point of power and influence within the cryogenic halls. Passengers vie for control, engaging in bidding wars and underhanded tactics to secure their claim. With promises of increased resources and accelerated training and crafting simulations, the allure of these plots is undeniable.


Amidst the chaos, the Pushers and Movers ensure that their influence extends even further, rewarding those in possession of these coveted plots with an additional supply of Mach. This manipulation of resources further cements their hold over the populace, ensuring their dominance in the ever-shifting power dynamics aboard the Machiavellic.

As tensions rise and factions clash, the cryogenic halls become a microcosm of the larger struggle for control and supremacy. With each passing day, the divide between the haves and the have-nots deepens, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the fate of all who journey aboard the Machiavellic.


Step 1: Connecting with the Dashboard:

a) If you’re connecting with a Cardano wallet, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply connect to the game, and we’ll read your NFTs to set up your account.

b) For Wax users without a Cardano wallet, it’s recommended to have one set up. Alternatively, you can trust us to set up a custodial wallet for you. Through the dashboard, send your NFTs to us, and we’ll transfer them to your Cardano wallet.


Step 2: Setting up your account

You’ll be prompted to set up your Overlord name and provide other essential game information, such as the name of your Outfit and the names and faces of your Officers. If you’re fortunate enough to have a Supreme, we’ve already taken care of this for you.


Step 3: Selecting your Officers’ cabins

In the overview of the Cryogenic halls, you’ll see available cabins.

a) If you possess a Plot NFT, navigate to the plot coordinates, select a cabin, assign an officer, and repeat until the plot is full or you’ve assigned all your officers.

b) If you don’t have plots, select any free cabin in the Cryogenic hall and assign an officer to it.


Step 4: Choosing your faction

Through the faction selector, choose from the faction pool and delegate your Cardano wallet. After joining a faction, all of your Officers will be automatically assigned to the faction you’ve chosen. However, they will retain the skills obtained from their original faction, ensuring a diverse skill set within your Outfit. Your faction will reward you accordingly, taking into account factors such as the level of your Officers’ bonuses, the OG level of your Outfit, and any available plot bonuses. This ensures that each faction member is recognized and rewarded appropriately for their contributions and capabilities.

Congratulations! You’re now earning $MACH every epoch. Feel free to return to Discord and voice your grievances if needed.

What to expect next?

The Cryogenic Halls

The cryogenic halls within Machiavellic serve as a pivotal element in both the game mechanics and the intricate lore of the universe. These immense cylindrical arrays of cryogenic cabins not only facilitate the physical journey of the passengers but also symbolize the journey of the players themselves through the game. Within these halls, players will manage each officer by selecting them, where they’ll undertake the crucial task of training them to wield ever-stronger weapons and craft advanced equipment.

Additionally, the cryogenic halls will serve as the central hub for trading and social interaction, where players can engage in lively discussions, forge alliances, and strike deals. It’s essential to understand that the approach with the minigames extends beyond mere entertainment; it encompasses crucial components for sandbox MMOs, such as social interaction, crafting, and trading.

As the development of Machiavellic progresses, the cryogenic halls will evolve into a dynamic role-playing experience, where players’ actions and votes will shape the lore of the game. The characters they own will broadcast their stories through the onboard entertainment system channels, creating a rich tapestry of narratives that reflect the collective imagination and decisions of the player community.

Auto Battler Mini-game v1.0

Once boarding is complete, and the dashboard is functioning correctly, we’ll commence the first development sprint: “Auto Battler Mini-game v1.0”. During this time, your officers may experience some downtime, so be sure to check the dashboard regularly for updates.

Sprint 1: We’ll deliver a fully playable Mini-game with core mechanics. The Overlord can select any available exoskeleton for each officer in their Outfit and match them against another outfit. Estimated time of arrival for this feature is the end of March.

Sprint 2: Players can now train their officers to build exoskeletons. Train your Officers to craft upgrade modules and weapons to customize exoskeletons, and participate in beta testing.

Sprint 3: The Marketplace is now open for trading Mach, other resources, and crafted items. Resources can be listed and bought with $FGL, and later other currencies starting with $ADA. Marketplace shard holders will receive a share of the revenue from this point onward.


The last Officer Commissions

As you embark on your journey through Machiavellic, seeking not only adventure but also ownership of iconic characters, it’s important to note that there are still some hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Among them stands Kara Volcanos, the enigmatic and formidable leader of the Naturalists. Don’t be deceived by her fragile appearance; beneath lies a force to be reckoned with, born from the depths of a government experiment aiming for perfection. Kara’s journey from a lab-born prodigy to a leader shunned by society paints a picture of resilience and determination, culminating in her transformation into a fierce defender of nature’s wrath.

Naturalist Intro:

As she hides, waiting for her moment to emerge, her story resonates with complexity and intrigue, offering a glimpse into the depths of her character. Now, as the last remaining Supreme leader, Kara invites you to embark on this epic voyage through space and game development, promising not only a thrilling adventure but also ownership of iconic characters such as herself.

By acquiring an Officer Commission, you’re not just obtaining a piece of the game; you’re immersing yourself in the rich lore and narratives crafted by Kara and her cohorts. Join her cause, embrace the unpredictability of her journey, and seize the opportunity to own a piece of Machiavellic’s history.

Stay alert for upcoming announcements!

Get your Officer Commission: