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Machiavellic: Building the Great Halls

Machiavellic Dev Update 07/02/2024
Feb 8, 20246 min read196 views

Greetings, Overlords of Machiavellic! Today, we invite you to embark on a journey into the heart of our cybernetic universe as we unveil the mysteries of the cryogenic halls. In this dev update, we’ll guide you through the exhilarating experience of managing your officers within these awe-inspiring Cabins, where every decision will shape the fate of your outfit and the destiny of Machiavellic itself.


Connecting to the Cryogenic Halls

As you step into the world of Machiavellic, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking sight of the cryogenic halls. Connect your wallet with a click, and witness the vast expanse of cabins stretching before you, each housing an Officer ready to join your cause.


Wallet Connection

Whether you’re a Cardano connoisseur or a newcomer to this Faboulous blockchain, fear not! With Mainnet’s gracious assistance, you can easily create a Cardano custodial wallet to ensure seamless access to the cryogenic halls and all their wonders.


Admiring the Halls

Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere of the cryogenic halls. Marvel at the rows of cabins, each holding the potential for greatness. As an Overlord, it’s your duty to lead your outfit to victory, and these halls will serve as your command center.


Navigation and Overview

Navigate the halls with ease using our interactive map interface. Gain a bird’s-eye view of the Officer Quarters and effortlessly locate your faction members. With a few clicks, you’ll be directed to your desired destination, ready to make your mark on Machiavellic.


Cabin Deployment

Select your desired cabin destination, whether it’s an empty space awaiting your officers or a plot ripe for deployment. Customize the name and avatar of your officers, setting the stage for their epic adventures in the cryogenic halls.


Outfit Management

Before diving into the fray, ensure your outfit is delegating to the faction to receive valuable MACH rewards every Epoch. Beware of the shady mechanics lurking within the halls, as they may alter the amount of MACH earned by your outfit. Stay vigilant, Overlords!


NFT Overview

Survey your arsenal of NFTs, including Officer Passes and Plots, ready to be deployed and customized to your heart’s content. Each asset holds the key to unlocking new possibilities and securing your dominance in Machiavellic.


Wallet Integration

Only NFTs within your Cardano wallet are in play, but fear not, mighty WAX overlords! Mainnet, in all her wisdom, is crafting an import option to seamlessly transfer your assets from your WAX wallet to your Cardano wallet. As time passes, additional functionality will be added, allowing you to claim crafted items, in-game resources, and other treasures as NFTs.

Prepare yourselves, Overlords, for the cryogenic halls of Machiavellic await your command. Dive deep into the heart of our universe, shape the destiny of your outfit, and forge a legacy that will echo through the ages. The adventure begins soon!


Mighty Weapons

Following the publication of our dev update, countless relentless Overlords have heeded the call to action, preparing their officers to embark upon the illustrious halls of our mighty vessel. Within these chambers, they shall undertake the arduous task of training their outfits for the impending battle for supremacy. Plots and officer skills shall prove pivotal as Overlords meticulously analyze and strategize, crafting and mastering weapons of unimaginable power and destruction. While the halls themselves are constructed to facilitate this madness, the omnipotent Mainnet works tirelessly, creating simulations based on the blueprints of these formidable weapons. It will fall upon you and your officers to hone your skills and experience, perfecting these dreadful armaments and preparing them for the crucible of war within Mainnet’s simulations.

But that’s not all. Mainnet has initiated the development of the first simulation, where Overlords can match their outfits using standard armament provided by Mainnet initially, with the option to later upgrade and craft new modules to customize these hellish tools of destruction. Following Mainnet’s guidance allows Overlords to trade and compare creations, accelerating the deadliness of our arsenal. Weapon blueprints are left to human creativity and greed, supplying and consuming a market of weapons of mass destruction within a vessel destined to someday liberate Ozzar from ignorance and generate an abundance of MACH, the exquisite elixir of dark might.


The fate of Machiavellic hangs in the balance, and it is you, the Overlords, who shall shape its destiny. Prepare yourselves for the ultimate test of skill, cunning, and ruthlessness as you lead your outfit to victory or oblivion. The countdown to battle has begun, and the time for glory is at hand. Will you rise to the challenge and conquer all who oppose you, or will you fall into the annals of history as a mere footnote in the saga of Machiavellic? The choice is yours.


All leaders accounted for!

The roster of Machiavellic’s supreme commanders is complete, with Kara Volcanos, the elusive Supreme Leader of the Naturalists, emerging from the depths of her forsaken jungle hideout to join the fray. With each faction now under the guidance of their respective leaders, the halls of our mighty vessel pulsate with anticipation as officers from every corner of the universe converge to prepare for the impending battles ahead. As the last pieces of the puzzle fall into place, the atmosphere crackles with excitement and tension.


The Pure Patriots and the Outlaw Troopers waste no time in orchestrating grand feasts and parades, each vying for dominance as their leaders take their rightful place at the helm. Meanwhile, the pleasure-seeking Euphoreans indulge in their debauched revelries, their desires driving them to seek pleasure in the most unconventional of ways. The Mechaworld faction, ever vigilant in preserving their robotic purity, second-guesses their alliances with factions such as the Euphoreans, fearing the taint of organic influence.

In stark contrast, the Humanity+ cyborgs, fueled by their psychotic ambitions, begin developing hideous and menacing weapons, poised to rid Ozzar of all organic matter. With the final pieces of the puzzle in place, the question remains: is your outfit prepared for the trials ahead? As the countdown to destiny ticks ever closer, the fate of Machiavellic hangs in the balance.

With all leaders accounted for, the stage is set for a showdown of epic proportions. Will you rise to the challenge and lead your outfit to victory, or will you succumb to the chaos and madness that await? The time for action is now. The fate of Machiavellic rests in your hands.