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Let’s Get to Know Cardano Spot Better
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As a community-based platform, feedback matters to us. So, we decided to answer these project questions ourselves to help everyone know Cardano Spot better.
Dec 21, 2022
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We have been conducting interviews with projects, asking them some of the most fundamental questions to help everyone know the projects better.

As a new platform per se, we are often asked the same questions. And as a community-based platform, we value opinions and feedback matters to us. So, we decided to answer these questions ourselves to help everyone know Cardano Spot better.

Q: What inspired you to build Cardano Spot? What is the primary goal of Cardano Spot?

Cardano Spot was launched in August 2022 as Cardano Clan before rebranding in November 2022. It was built in response to the rapidly growing blockchain industry, which has caused the widening knowledge gap between the blockchain ecosystem, including the Cardano ecosystem, and the community as more in the community find it challenging to keep up with the fast-paced development.

Cardano Spot aims to bridge the gap between the Cardano ecosystem and the community by providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on all things Cardano for Cardano enthusiasts.

Through the Cardano Spot platform, Cardano enthusiasts can access the latest information surrounding the Cardano blockchain, such as developments, projects, community discussions, memes, and many more. At the same time, projects and users can build their thought leadership within the space by sharing their content, thoughts, and opinions.

You can read more about our story here.

Q: What makes Cardano Spot unique? Why should people choose Cardano Spot over other similar trading platforms?

Cardano Spot is a community-based social network platform focusing on the aggregation, curation of quality content, the visibility of projects and their progress on Cardano. All users are given a chance to shine by sharing their content and posting their thoughts and opinions. To support project's visibility in the Cardano ecosystem and beyond, Cardano Spot will provide services such as but not limited to content production.

As a Web3 social platform, most of the content will be user-generated (UGC). Hence, Cardano Spot content will vary and not be limited to certain content or topics. That being said, there are guidelines that users must comply with to ensure a safe environment for everyone to grow in knowledge together. Our community managers will ensure that all discussions and conversations are positive and fruitful for everyone to follow.

The platform is packed with features, with more to come, and very intuitive for all types of users to start to delve into content or jump into conversations and get insights.

Q: Will there be ads or monetization on Cardano Spot?

Cardano Spot will explore suitable ways to provide value and support the Cardano ecosystem, community and the visibility of projects both on the platform and externally. Some of the value provided will be monetized.

Q: What can we expect from Cardano Spot in the near future? What’s on the roadmap? Will Cardano Spot be an open-source project?

With the recent launch of our closed Beta platform on November 22, we are collecting feedback and suggestions from users to build a platform that provides value to the Cardano ecosystem, community and beyond.

Some identified and planned out stages and functionalities can be seen on the below roadmap. However, we urge anyone that has any recommendations to contact us.


Cardano Spot Product Roadmap as of November 2022
Q: How do you see Cardano Spot playing a crucial role in the Cardano ecosystem and community?

Cardano Spot answers to the increasing demand for a space where Cardano enthusiasts can go for a reliable source of information and insights, a place to build a connection with the community, and a safe spot where people can voice their thoughts and opinions.

As a Web3 social platform, Cardano Spot offers more capabilities, functionalities, and options to explore. With the world shifting towards decentralized platforms/services nowadays, we believe Cardano Spot will be the go-to place for Cardano enthusiasts or anyone interested in learning more about Cardano.

Q: For projects/businesses, are there any ways to collaborate or partner with Cardano Spot?

Yes, please reach out to for more information.