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Landano: Property Rights Secured, For Everyone

Moving Land and Property Rights onto the Cardano Blockchain Mainnet
Feb 1, 20245 min read240 views

Check out this video to find out more about what we've been up to:

Landano is is ready for prime time! We've done a lot of work over the past couple of years, and we're ready to move our prototype on to the Cardano mainnet. The Landano pilot projects in Ghana and Mozambique led to the creation of a basic software prototype that has been useful to demonstrate the breakthrough potential of our land records product concept to our prospective users and funders. Our on-the-ground engagement with traditional leaders and individuals in non-urban areas has made it very clear that a complete, reliable, production-ready Landano dApp is in high demand and eagerly awaited. We held a local government leaders' summit in Ghana last year, and our prototype's core feature suite grew directly out of feedback and input from individuals in these areas most at risk from the insecurity of their land tenure--and most easily capable of rapid implementation due to the near-vacuum of existing administration tech and infrastructure.  Find out more about our Catalyst Fund 11 proposal here:


If funded and when implemented, our platform will perform these functions:

  1. Desktop UI for Cadastral Data management
  2. NFT minting module
  3. NFT ownership verification
  4. Desktop administrator interface improvements
  5. Mobile user interface (PWA app)

The ultimate goal is the 1.0 beta release of the Landano dApp on Cardano Mainnet.