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Dripdropz: A Largest Token Distribution Platform On Cardano

metaversehodler4719Nov 19, 20234 min read269 views


Nothing in this article should be considered financial advice or used to inform financial or investment decisions. You will not lose anything by reading this article because the money is still in your pocket! 

The article consists of 2 parts:

- Part I: Public information about the project

- Part II: The writer's assessments (after a period of participation, investment, and research)

We all know that many projects need to be built and developed to form a strong Cardano ecosystem. Along with using Ada as the main currency for transactions on Cardano, most projects will usually create a token for their use on the platform. However, distributing these tokens often takes a lot of time and effort, so in addition to distributing or airdropping tokens to the community, projects often look to 3rd parties to do this for them. The outstanding projects of token distribution on Cardano can be mentioned as Dripdropz, Tosidrop, Taptools… Today, we will learn about the Dripdropz platform - the first and largest trading volume token distribution platform on Cardano until now.

- Part I: Information about Dripdropz project

     The team of Dripdropz has 11 people, and all of their information is public. Their team is very active in Cardano and is a regular face on Catalyst, especially Rick McCracken ( RichardMcCrackn), a Cardano influencer with over 51,000 followers on Twitter, is very active in sharing technical issues relating to Cardano and Ergo. The Dripdropz platform is also a pioneer in contributing to the Cardano community. For example, currently, Dripdropz is opening voting for Catalyst Circle v4 on their platform. Voting will end on December 16, 2022. If the community has time, please visit the platform to participate in voting.

     All team members are also continuously active on Telegram and Discord. When you have questions regarding the Dripdropz platform, the Dripdropz team will answer you quickly. Even when questions are unrelated to the Dripdropz platform, the Dripdropz team is enthusiastic about helping.

     Up to now, Dripdropz has distributed 168 types of tokens for different projects on Cardano, and the number of withdrawals has reached: 1193947. Besides, the number of registered users to open accounts has reached: 25256. The community can register for an account on Dripdropz completely free. Then, it is very easy to claim tokens, review your history, and also register to distribute tokens for your projects through the button “Distribute My Token”. In addition, Dripdropz also has the feature to upgrade to a Pro account to claim up to 20 wallets at the same time. The writer has experienced this feature. With only 10000 $drip + 2 Ada, you can completely upgrade to Pro account. Compared to the cost, the features received are entirely worth it. In addition to being able to claim up to 20 wallets simultaneously, the Pro account also saves Ada transaction fees because you only need to pay a certain fee to claim tokens for all 20 wallets. Especially for those having about 20 wallets, claiming tokens on Dripdropz will be more economical. Shortly, the Dripdropz team will update more features for Pro accounts.

     There is an excellent thing about claiming tokens on Dripdropz that the writer appreciates with the Dripdropz team. When users claiming tokens send the wrong amount of Ada (even sending all tokens in the wallet) to Dripdropz, the system considers it an invalid request. And then, Dripdropz will refund the correct amount of Ada to the sender (minus the transfer fee). The writer once sent the wrong wallet (including all Ada and other tokens) to Dripdropz, but within 72 hours, they fully refunded. It is indeed a valid policy. Why does the writer say so? Because there are some platforms (I do not mention names) that claim they will not return Ada or tokens that the sender has left over and will donate to charities. Is that reasonable?

     According to the information updated from the Dripdropz team, they have yet to publish the roadmap on the website because the team's orientation is to develop according to the needs of the Cardano community. We all know an ecosystem will have many changes and developments over the years, so updating to keep up with these changes is essential. Therefore, it is reasonable for the Dripdropz team to develop according to the needs of the community and the Cardano ecosystem. This method is also a way of opening development that helps the team to be creative and adapt well to the bear market of crypto. The Dripdropz team will continue to develop the existing features on the Dripdropz platform, and then depending on the projects, the team will create more features and release those features to the community.

- Part II: The writer's assessments (after a period of participation, investment, and research)

     The writer is very impressed with the Dripdropz team. They are professional and experienced developers. The way they share their knowledge and experience in blockchain is also very appreciable. Especially recently, when security issues are being raised in the community, their co-founder, LatheesanK (, shared a series of ways to help increase security and potential alert risks. The writer highly appreciates the enthusiastic activities of the entire Dripdropz team.

     We all easily see the crypto market in the past, and in the present time, emotions are often the most significant influencing factor in the investment decisions of the community. As for the writer, the writer's feelings are to appreciate the appearance of Dripdropz. So whether you are an investor, a speculator, or even a lucky man, Dripdropz is still a worthy "treasure" for you to take part in.


     The article has many shortcomings and will encounter mixed opinions, so I hope the community understands. And if the article bothers you, please ignore it. Thanks for reading!

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great article and insightful

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great article and insightful

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