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Cardano Clan to Cardano Spot – The Story Behind

Cardano Clan has officially become Cardano Spot with the launch of the Beta version of the platform on November 20th, 2022.
Nov 23, 20225 min read195 views

Cardano Clan has officially become Cardano Spot with the launch of the Beta version of the platform on November 20th, 2022.

If you’ve been wondering what led us to rebrand our platform and how we came up with the new name, read along.

How it started…

Following the launch of Cardano Clan in August 2022, we received various feedback from the community. As a social platform built with the community in mind, we take feedback very seriously. That brought us to the rebranding journey of our platform.

We collected suggestions of name ideas from the Cardano community and several options were given:

  • Cardano Zen
  • Cardano Canopy
  • Cardano Minded
  • Cardano Deciphered
  • Cardano Laplace
  • Cardano Kaidoku
  • Cardano Tankyu

We presented the choices to the community by conducting a poll to vote for the new name. The results came in, and the name with the most votes was Cardano Spot.


The next step in the rebranding process is creating the logo and brand image. We came up with a logo consisting of the letter C, which looks like a maze with a spot in the middle. This symbolizes the crypto space that can look like a maze, with lots of things happening and information flying around.

Cardano Spot aims to be the spot within that maze where people find a reliable place to get insights, updates, and connections with the community.


More features, better experience

The new brand name was introduced along with the launch of the closed Beta version. The closed Beta version comes with a brand-new interface, new features, and more capabilities!

We created dedicated spaces for different audiences, so everyone has their spot on Cardano Spot.

  • Home Feed

The Home Feed aggregates information from all sections that you subscribe to or marked on, such as communities you have subscribed to or articles you have marked as favorite.

  • News Feed

We redesigned the interface for the News Feed for a better experience while delving into insights and the latest updates on the Cardano Ecosystem.

  • Projects Library & Details

The Projects Library page showcases exciting projects in the Cardano Ecosystem. You can choose the category on the right-hand side panel for easier viewing. To view the project information in detail, click on the project name to go to the Project Details page.

  • Community Page & Feed

You can create and view posts from specific communities/topics on the Community Page. You can follow your chosen community accounts, comment, share, or upvote their posts and view the posts from all communities in Cardano Spot on Cardano Feed and interact with each post.

Cardano Spot closed Beta: Cardano Clan Alpha in full power

Despite the rebranding and the new name, our vision remains the same – to empower and connect Cardano enthusiasts to do the things that inspire them; changing the world together.

We offer the Cardano community the most comprehensive and up-to-date Cardano Ecosystem portal while providing opportunities for community members to shine by enabling user-generated content.

Read more: Introduction to the Cardano Clan

We refine our value proposition to better fit the different target audiences – Fairness, Speed, Communication, Collaboration, Visionary, and Passion. We introduce new features in the Beta version as planned in the product roadmap.


Cardano Spot Beta is a refined version of the Cardano Clan Alpha. And we’re just getting started! More improvements will take place as we are continuously developing the platform.

How it ended…

Cardano Spot was officially introduced by Sebastian Zilliacus, the Managing Director of EMURGO Media, in his speech at the Cardano Summit 2022 in Lausanne, Switzerland. He talked about how community-driven topics/user-generated content has become the keystone of tech giant businesses (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Reddit) and that it’s time to leave Web2 and enter the world of Web3 and enjoy everything it has to offer.

The closed Beta version was released along with the rebranding announcement and successfully received 2,000 waitlist registrations in less than 24 hours. The community is excited about having a Cardano-focused social platform where they can get insights on anything Cardano-related and post their content at the same time while connecting with fellow Cardano enthusiasts and the Cardano community.

Watch: Cardano Spot launch video

More exciting updates on Cardano Spot are coming! Stay tuned and follow the Cardano Spot Twitter account to make sure you are not missing out.

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It could be shortened to C Spot. Next version could be D Spot. Then E, F and so on...

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Good luck, guys!