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Cardano Aquarium By Fluid Tokens

Discover a feeless horizon and automated smart contracts
Jan 28, 20245 min read334 views


FluidTokens presents Cardano Aquarium, a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) set to refine the Cardano ecosystem. This minimalist yet powerful solution simplifies and enhances the user experience within the Cardano ecosystem, offering feeless transactions, customizable native tokens, automatic smart contracts, and the ability to utilize ADA and other native tokens for Cardano sidechain transactions. Let's explore the simplicity and innovation behind Cardano Aquarium.

Background: What is MVP?

Before delving into the concept of Cardano Aquarium, it's essential to understand the concept of a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). A Minimal Viable Product is the initial version of a product with just enough features to satisfy early adopters and gather feedback for future improvements. In the context of the Cardano Aquarium, the Minimal Viable Product represents a foundational step towards refining the Cardano ecosystem.

Functionality of Cardano Aquarium

Cardano Aquarium addresses four critical tasks that contribute to a more seamless and efficient user experience:

Feeless Transactions on Cardano:
  1. Users can avoid paying transaction fees to dApps, services, and other users.
  2. Feeless transactions are facilitated by creating FeeTanks by dApps or projects.
Custom Native Tokens for Transaction Fees
  1. Stablecoins and custom tokens can be utilized to pay for transaction fees, providing flexibility to users.
  2. Creators specify conditions for using FeeTanks during transactions, such as whitelisted addresses and transaction content.
Automatic Smart Contracts
  1. Cardano Aquarium enables incentivized automation of any transaction on Cardano.
  2. DApps can set up Aquarium Lambdas to perform automatic actions, such as batchers, sequencers, and limit orders.
Use of ADA and Native Tokens on Cardano Sidechains
  1. Users can deploy feeless dApps on any Cardano sidechain, paying fees in ADA.
  2. This feature particularly benefits enterprise and business use cases where users may not be crypto experts.

How Cardano Aquarium Works

Cardano Aquarium operates through two main components: Aquarium Lambdas and Aquarium Rules.

Aquarium Lambdas
  1. DApps or projects create FeeTanks to enable feeless transactions for their users.
  2. FeeTanks are accessed only by the Creator and the FluidTokens Validators Network.
  3. Creators specify conditions for using FeeTanks through Lucid code in their platforms.
  4. FluidTokens Validators Network ensures proper FeeTank usage, allowing users to sign transactions without paying ADA fees.
Aquarium Rules
  1. Users become captains of their feeless voyage by filling FeeTanks.
  2. Automated smart contracts become a reality with Aquarium Lambdas' specified conditions.
  3. FluidTokens Validators Network ensures correct FeeTank usage and executes transactions for decentralized automation.

Economical and Sustainable Solution

Cardano Aquarium employs an open network of Validators rewarded with a fraction of transaction fees for submitting correct transactions to the Cardano blockchain. This ensures a secure and decentralized way to facilitate feeless transactions and automate smart contracts.

Technical Details of MVP:

The MVP of Cardano Aquarium is currently running on the Cardano Preview network, utilizing test ADA (Not Real) for transactions. The basic mechanism of Aquarium Lambdas and Rules is showcased, demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of this innovative solution.

FluidTokens Validator Network (FTVN)

To support Aquarium, FluidTokens introduces the FluidTokens Validator Network (FTVN), allowing $FLDT holders to join an open network of Validators. These Validators are rewarded directly in ADA and Custom Native Tokens (CNTs) from Creators' FeeTanks.

Making Waves in Cardano

Cardano Aquarium is innovative in the ecosystem, reshaping transaction fees and automating smart contracts. FluidTokens daily pushes the envelope, simplifying complex concepts and ushering in a new era for Cardano users, businesses, and developers. Uncover the mechanics behind feeless transactions and automated smart contracts as Cardano Aquarium charts a course towards a decentralized and efficient blockchain future.

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