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AdaTube Creator & YouTuber Haskell Speaks To Cardano Spot

The main news source for Cardano: Honestly, the most valuable source of information is the community, says Haskell
Feb 1, 20245 min read632 views

Voices Of Cardano brings top community contributors' interviews where they share their journeys and experiences. In this edition, AdaTube creator Haskell shares his journey. He also discusses his project catalyst proposal for AdaTube. Here is an exclusive interview with Haskell:

*Haskell, could you share your journey in the crypto ecosystem and Cardano?

Of course! I became interested in the crypto world when I was studying industrial engineering at university.

About that one, what attracted me most was the possible revaluation, the profits, the 10-20x....but that was only the beginning, the hook. As time went on, I became captivated by its disruptive technology, its community, and the idea of a decentralized economic system. Cardano seemed to me to be the network that put the most effort into following the trilemma without neglecting any fundamental pillars: security, scalability, and decentralization.

*What's the main inspiration behind launching ADATube?

As I delved into the crypto world and created a community, I began to realize how difficult it is to get started on the path.We who are in the blockchain world 24 hours a day see it as easy, but it is not, and it is very difficult to find information about how to get started. And not only that! It is very difficult to find quality and entertaining information that teaches you EVERYTHING a person needs to know to navigate and manage within a blockchain and its DeFi ecosystem.AdaTube comes to solve that point. We want to attract new people outside the crypto world, and others outside the Cardano ecosystem, and offer them a channel where they can find everything they need.

*How do you address the issue of the lack of knowledge in the DeFi segment among potential users?

Perhaps it is the most important point of AdaTube, the DeFi course. I personally move on to other networks, and I realize that Cardano users have "less tradition" in using the network.

Yes, they buy $ADA and self-custody it. They put it on stake. Okay! But that is not enough. A network needs to be used to exist for the next 100 years. You need active users. I have also realized that even among people who have been using Cardano for several years, doubts still arise about how to get the most out of the network. We intend to solve this point, which we consider vital.

*What are unique plans to make your content engaging and stand out for the Cardano community?

We want to make attractive content not only for the Cardano community but for all new people who want to get into Cardano. We believe that both Brodax and TuPrimerBitcoin and I are 3 people with a lot of experience in content creation, and we specialize in the Cardano network, capable of showing all our knowledge so that more people are encouraged to enter its ecosystem. The content will be educational, technical, but also entertaining.

We consider it important that good content must bring together these three aspects to succeed.

*What approach should newbies follow to enter the Cardano community?

Both Brodax and TuPrimerBitcoin and I have active communities.

I personally have a free Telegram group with people with a lot of experience in Cardano who are always willing to lend a hand to newbies. We talk about new projects, new pre-sales, news, current events, etc. These AdaTube videos will help you move like a fish in water within the network, and be able to take advantage of all these opportunities.

*What are your go-to sources for the latest news and developments within the Cardano blockchain?

Honestly, the most valuable source of information is the community. It is much easier to be in a group of 1,000 people who are in the same situation as you and share quality information selflessly, rather than searching for everything yourself. Even so, I am always up to date on Twitter and follow all the projects that seem interesting to me to stay up to date with all the news.

*Can you outline your approach to delivering in-depth knowledge about the technological aspects of Cardano in a manner that is accessible and understandable for non-techies?

Of course, that is the main idea of AdaTube, that technical information is understandable by everyone, as well as entertaining. We are used to dealing with new people entering the network and we are sure that in AdaTube you will find the answer to many of your questions.

*How do you plan to measure the impact of your project on attracting new users to the Cardano network?

First of all, we are 3 creators who have a certain audience.TuPrimerBitcoin has a YouTube channel of almost 30,000 people. I have a Twitter account of 12,000 people and a newly created YouTube channel.

Brodax has a YouTube channel of 5,000 people and a Twitter account of 10,000 people. The idea is to initially redirect that audience towards the new channel. And, through word of mouth, expand and try to attract more and more people. Solana users, Ethereum users, and users of all networks are welcome to AdaTube, to enter the Cardano ecosystem. The impact will of course be measured in the number of visits and the attention that the channel manages to capture.

*Why should community members vote for ADATube's Project Catalyst proposal?

We believe that we solve an IMPORTANT problem on the network, which is the lack of users compared to other networks like Solana. Make no mistake, Cardano needs to emphasize the fact that it needs more and more users, and that is why it also needs mechanisms to make the entry of new members as easy as possible.

Simple and entertaining, both.

*Considering your team's experience in content creation, Cardano, and crypto education, what are your initial strategies for ADATube?

As I have mentioned before, first of all, we will retarget our entire audience and our communities.

We want to create a product that is as educational and entertaining as possible, with video and editing quality at the highest level. We want more users on Cardano because we love Cardano. As we have a diverse community, where there are people from all networks (Hedera, Polkadot, XRP, Kujira...) we believe that many of them will visit the videos and end up feeling at home on the network.

3 weeks ago

Interesting that this is pinned. I'm all for the education but I see many YouTubers do this with hard work and no Catalyst funds.

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3 weeks ago

adatube: for sure one of the best ideea of crypto world

Ghost BB
3 weeks ago

It's a great series of content. Adore it and reading it with a pleasure!