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10 hours ago
cloud and green 💚 💙


13 hours ago
Cardano Zen

The technical finesse of blockchain has a certain Zen quality to it. Do you also enjoy watching Cardano's eUTXO unfold during a weekend chill?


13 hours ago
Indigo - Open CDP position

Hi everyone, I need help. I created a CDP position on Indigo using iBTC. I thought that the Ada that are used for the purchase and for backup will still be staked and will be displayed in my wallet as an external stake. So far, I was of the opinion that only in the event of a liquidation of the position would the Ada be transferred via smart contract. Instead, the amount was deducted from my wallet and used to buy the iBTC. If I close the position now, I will receive the purchased iBTC and the Indogo rewards, which I can then exchange. Is it really as I described it or did I do something wrong? Sorry for my English ;-)

2 days ago
We have a draft of our Periodic Table!

post-image-1708705402717_image_PeriodicTable-Table1.jpg Hello Cardano Spot Community! Wanted to drop a quick note here about where we are with the project.

First, here is a draft of our periodic table of elements. This is not finished but a good start. Keep in mind each element will be its own 1 of 1 NFT. The owner of this NFT will be able to add their own content (logo, desc,. links) to the element webpage associated with each NFT as long as they are the owner.

The mint is planned for 4-12-2024 so we are on schedule and will post more information about that as we go. The website will be ready for NFT owners to publish content this summer along with the ELEMENT token release.

Also, we have some promo/colaborations running on X if you're interested on a chance to win ADA.

For more information see our website or litepaper

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TestnetCoins is a new initiative that aims to enhance the engagement of the Preview and PreProd Testnets on Cardano. These Testnets were created for experimentation and development after the Vasil hardfork, replacing the old Testnet, which was rarely used and eventually discontinued. TestnetCoins introduces new mainnet tokens that reward community testers and SPOs for their participation, creating a stronger incentive structure. These tokens have real value and will be given out for "Proof of Participation," incentivizing community members to contribute to the testing process. Unlike tADA on the Testnets, these TestnetCoin reward tokens create an incentive structure similar to the Cardano mainnet. The ultimate goal of TestnetCoins is to create a miniature version of the Cardano mainnet economy that is more valued by the community. For instance, testing protocol parameter changes on Testnet can now be done with real human behavior and monetary value, a major advantage of TestnetCoins.


Flooftopia is a distinctive massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that emphasizes community participation and eschews combat. It appeals to gamers of all ages by incorporating well-known MMORPG elements such as skills, leveling, and professions while introducing social gameplay that allows character decisions and progression to influence the game's outcome. The player's choice of housing and village partners also affects the game.

What sets Flooftopia apart is its charming "Floofs" characters and its partial integration with Web 3.0, which enhances the user experience. Through its connection to the Cardano blockchain, players can access optional features such as ownership of tokens and in-game assets. Flooftopia is truly a one-of-a-kind game that provides a unique gameplay experience.


TapTools is a comprehensive asset-tracking platform for the Cardano ecosystem. 

With live Cardano native asset charts, trade history, and an easy-to-use wallet tracking profiler, you can stay up-to-date on the performance of your investments and the market. 

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